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CalendarEventView Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

(void) - _adjustColumn [implementation]
(void) - _createEvent [implementation]
(void) - _dateChanged [implementation]
(void) - _frameChanged [implementation]
(void) - _scrollToDayStart [implementation]
(void) - _sortViews [implementation]
(void) - _updateSelect [implementation]
(void) - calendarEventCellWillBeFreed: [implementation]
(void) - dealloc [implementation]
(id) - delegate
(void) - drawRect: [implementation]
(void) - editSelectedCell [implementation]
(NSTimeInterval) - hitTime:
(NSView *) - hitView:
(id) - initWithFrame: [implementation]
(void) - mouseDown: [implementation]
(void) - nextDate [implementation]
(float) - numberOfMinutesInStep
(float) - numberOfStepsInUnit
(float) - numberOfUnits
(void) - previousDate [implementation]
(void) - removeEvent:
(void) - selectCell:
(id) - selectedCell
(void) - selectModel: [implementation]
(void) - setDate:
(void) - setDelegate:
(void) - setFrame: [implementation]
(NSCalendarDate *) - startDate
(float) - stepHeight
(NSCalendarDate *) - stopDate
(void) - update [implementation]
(void) - viewCell:
(void) - viewDay [implementation]
(void) - viewMonth [implementation]
(void) - viewSelectedCell
(void) - viewWeek [implementation]
(void) - viewYear [implementation]

Static Public Member Functions

(static Private NSComparisonResult) + cev_compare [implementation]

Protected Attributes

float _cevOffset
id< CalendarEventView_delegate
NSTimeInterval _endTimeInterval
float _minutesInStep
id _selectedCell
BOOL _showIndex
NSTimeInterval _startTimeInterval
float _stepHeight
float _stepsInUnit
NSMutableArray * _timeStr
float _unitsInView
NSTimeInterval _workTimeStart
NSTimeInterval _workTimeStop
id tint

Detailed Description

Definition at line 16 of file CalendarEventView.h.

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