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#ifndef CalendarEventView_h
#define CalendarEventView_h

#include <Foundation/NSCalendarDate.h>
#include <AppKit/AppKit.h>
#include "Agenda.h"
#include "CalendarEventCell.h"

@protocol CalendarEventView
- (void) calendarEventView:(id)view
                  didSelectEvent:(CalendarEventCell *)event;
- (void) calendarEventView:(id)view
                    updatedEvent:(CalendarEventCell *)event;

@interface CalendarEventView:NSView
      id <CalendarEventView> _delegate;
      float _stepHeight;
      float _cevOffset;
      float _minutesInStep;
      float _stepsInUnit;
      float _unitsInView;

      NSMutableArray *_timeStr;
      NSCalendarDate *_date;

      id tint;
      /* these 2 helpers is for forcing views to create events
       * for improving layout when putting many views in matrix
       * -- TODO
      NSCalendarDate *_rangeDateStart;
      NSCalendarDate *_rangeDateStop;

      id _selectedCell;
//    NSMutableArray *_eventList;

      NSTimeInterval _startTimeInterval;
      NSTimeInterval _endTimeInterval;

      NSTimeInterval _workTimeStart;
      NSTimeInterval _workTimeStop;

      BOOL _showIndex;

- (float) stepHeight;
- (float) numberOfMinutesInStep;
- (float) numberOfStepsInUnit;
- (float) numberOfUnits;

- (void) setDate:(NSCalendarDate *)aDate;
- (void) viewSelectedCell;
- (void) viewCell:(CalendarEventCell *)cell;
- (NSView *) hitView:(NSEvent *)event;
- (NSTimeInterval) hitTime:(NSEvent *)event;
- (void) removeEvent:(id)cell;
- (id) selectedCell;
- (void) selectCell:(id)cell;

- (NSCalendarDate *) startDate;
- (NSCalendarDate *) stopDate;
- (void) setDelegate:(id)del;
- (id) delegate;


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